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Information Officer

Mrs. Srijana Banskota

Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-5343265

Fax: 977-1-5345018

Email: rbbmbl@rbbmbl.com.np

Website: www.rbbmbl.com.np

Registrar to Share

We provide share registration services to our customers whose shareholder book is maintained by us. We offer all the services related to share registration. Some of them are ..read more

Underwriting Securities

RBB Merchant Banking Limited provides Underwriting services to its clients to raise Equity and Debt capital. We help them to meet regulatory requirements such as depositing fees ..read more

Issue Manager

To increase Equity and Debt capital of our clients, we act as issue manager to raise their capital from the public. The services relating to managing public issues are ..read more

Portfolio Management Services

RBB Merchant Banking Limited provides Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to its clients to manage their investments with minimum risk and maximum return ..read more

Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund is a professionally managed investment that pools money from various investors and invest in financial securities, fixed income ..read more

Depository Participant

RBB Merchant Banking Limited acts as a mediator between CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC) and our customers. RBBMBL provides following ..read more